California Marijuana Business Consulting

Are you seeking consulting on a California based marijuana business?

VGR Law Firm is experienced consulting marijuana businesses in California and can help operators transition to operating under the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act (MMRSA).

Obtaining operational licenses in retail, product manufacturing or cultivation;

Protect your intellectual property while developing your business plan;

Maintain regulatory compliance to ensure permitting process is successful;

Compliance with all of the new MMRSA regulations and permits.

VGR Law Firm has been working on medical marijuana business consulting since 1998 and has handled clients in multiple states under a variety of local laws. We have protected our clients interests in California with great success and are now helping them transition to operating under the new MMRSA legislation. Whether it comes to protecting assets or state licensing we can help every step of the way.

Proposition 215

The “Compassionate Use Act” was passed in California in 1996 and legalized medical marijuana for California residents that qualified with cancer, anorexia, AIDS, chronic pain, spasticity, glaucoma, arthritis, migraine headaches, or “any other illness for which marijuana provides relief”. This was first statewide medical marijuana law in the United States and has influenced over twenty more states to legalize medical cannabis.

California Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act (MMRSA)

California lawmakers have finally implemented a series of regulations for the medical marijuana industry that means Federal intervention will be less likely moving forward. Lawmakers working on the legislation were mainly concerned with edibles, children access and the effect of licensed facilities on their communities. The development of these new robust regulations is a new starting point for California medical cannabis. MMRSA is made up of three bills which setup everything from regulations around medical marijuana cultivation to retail sales.

AB 266

AB 266 legalizes all commercial medical marijuana activity as long as it is done pursuant to a local license or permit to sell medical cannabis. The bill also allows “For Profit” businesses to be setup to engage in that commercial activity with an array of 17 license types. Vertical integration is prohibited and the bill allows cities and towns to put taxes and fees on medical marijuana businesses. Each operator will need to get town approval moving forward and prove local support in order to obtain a license to operate.

AB 243
AB 243 disseminates power to the California Department of Food and Agriculture to regulate medical marijuana cultivators. This will include overseeing cultivation licenses. They will be tasked with dealing with pesticide usage around cultivation as well as many more tasks. The Department of Food and Agriculture will be working with the Department of Fish and Wildlife and the State Water Resources Control Board to advise on environmental impacts of cultivation operations and rule development. The bill also calls on the Department of Health to come out with rules and regulations around edible cannabis products.

SB 643
Much like the prior bills SB 643 handles developing the regulatory scheme around medical marijuana. This bill focuses on regulating the physicians who recommend medical cannabis including criminal standards for applicants. The California Medical Board will be tasked with investigating physicians and makes it a misdemeanor for physicians to accept remuneration from medical marijuana retail operations. Bill 643 also mandates a criminal background check and a variety of other barriers which are important to fulfill on before obtaining a license to operate a medical marijuana business in California.

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