Criminal Defense Attorneys

We Are Here to Fight For You.

The criminal defense attorneys at VGR Law Firm fight cases.  As part of your criminal defense representation we will work with you to win.  The following are some of the tasks that may be necessary to obtain the best possible outcome of your case:

Meet with you to understand your perspective on the case;

Interface with law enforcement before you are charged;

Request from law enforcement that if you are charged, VGR Law Firm be contacted to bring you in to self-surrender, so that you are not arrested at your home or place of business;

Make arguments at your detention hearing to keep you out of custody;

Request all discovery including police reports;

Request and contest probable cause at a probable cause hearing;

File discovery motions to obtain potentially helpful evidence that may be in the possession of a third party;

Attend as many court hearings as required until we have all the evidence we need to properly defend your criminal case;

Determine if there was a Fourth Amendment violation and if so, file and argue motions to suppress;

If there was a confidential informant, file and argue motions to disclose their identities and information they provided;

Consider any possible affirmative defenses, and file motions to dismiss based on those;

Explore settlement with the District Attorney’s office;

Try your case if we are unable to obtain a dismissal or acceptable settlement offer from the prosecution;

If unable to beat your case outright, file a sentencing memo conveying all the positive facts we can marshal to the judge.

In addition to the regular trial court tasks, there are other options for the criminal defense attorneys at VGR Law Firm to perform for you in connection with your criminal case.  We might be able to help you with some or all of the following:

Motions for return of property;

Opposing forfeitures;

Appellate advocacy. 617 307 4728