Dispensary Permits

Do you want to apply for a marijuana dispensary permit?

 VGR Law Firm is here to help you apply for a dispensary permit in your state.  No matter what jurisdiction you are in, dispensary permit applications all have the same basic elements.

Local support from leaders in your proposed municipality;

Solid security package to ease the concerns of local residents and businesses;

Team of cultivators and dispensers knowledgeable in the industry;

Suitable property that complies with local, state (and federal) zoning.

Those are just the basic elements.  VGR Law Firm knows how to make it happen.  Don’t buy some nonsense dispensary permit templates on the internet.  Put together your own application team to actually win a license in your state.

Our application consulting success correlates directly with our commitment to excellence, our dedication to our client, and our overwhelming desire for a successful outcome in every application we are involved in. Our varied experience, including our participation in multiple states, allows us to immediately comprehend the question asked as well as recognize the purpose for asking the question. We work alongside other professionals retained by our clients, such as security experts, architects, and others with expertise in state and local legal matters. This approach results in responses that unequivocally answer the question asked with the appropriate amount of specificity.

VGR Law Firm attorneys follow the industry across the country.  If we aren’t already, we will become experts in the law in your state overnight.  You can not go wrong hiring industry expert attorneys to consult with your dispensary permit application process.

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