Dispensary Services

VGR Law Firm can help with a multitude of other services involved with the dispensary process.


VGR Law Firm can assist clients with the following:

Property Location:

Attorney Valerio Romano is a licensed real estate broker in Massachusetts with extensive experience in locating properties in prime locations. Whether our clients are looking to purchase or lease, our services include reviewing and negotiating long term lease agreements and purchase agreements.


An integral component of opening and operating a dispensary is the ability to effectively navigate and communicate with local officals. Navigating local zoning regulations in a municipality is often a tedious and complex process. We have successfully worked with many cities and towns throughout Massachusetts in order to obtain the necessary permits and approvals to locate a dispensary within a properly zoned location.

Dispensary Build-out:

VGR Law Firm has created an established network of vendors to build a world-class dispensary including architects, security experts, engineers, contractors, operation experts, growers and professionals who have proven track records in this evolving industry.

Law Enforcement Liaison:

VGR Law Firm will monitor all state and federal laws to ensure each of our dispensary clients remains fully compliant.

Host Agreements:

Negotiating Host Agreements with municipalities is an important tool to ensuring good community relations. The Agreements we are most proud of have been reached by working side by side with community leaders, neighbors, and other interested stakeholders. A collaborative approach ensures that the Host Agreement is truly beneficial to the entire community.

Public Relations:

Maintaining a positive relationship in the community is critical to the ongoing success of the dispensary. Based on our experiences, the most successful dispensaries have several things in common; they are accessible, accountable, and available to the community. VGR Law Firm works with MMPR, a local public relations firm devoted exclusively to community outreach and media relations needed to build trust with the local community.

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