Medical Marijuana Business Consulting

Need consulting help for your medical marijuana business?

 VGR Law Firm consults with regulated medical marijuana businesses on obtaining retail, cultivation and infused product manufacturer licenses, maintaining regulatory compliance, protecting ideas during product development and ensuring a sound and competitive business strategy.

Legal advice on operating your business in your jurisdiction including obtaining cultivation, retail and infused product manufacturing licenses;

How to maintain regulatory compliance in all jurisdictions that you operate;

Protecting intellectual and physical property from theft and misuse;

Creating a strategic business plan that is compliant in all jurisdictions that it operates.

We are one of the most experienced consultancy firms in the United States for the development of medical marijuana dispensaries, cultivation operations and infused product manufacturing.  The VGR team is made up of industry notables with wide ranging capabilities.  We have been working on medical marijuana business consulting since 1998 and have handled clients in multiple states and a variety of local laws.

Business License Applications 

Obtaining a medical marijuana business license can be a challenge but our focus on compliance has ensured success again and again.  We help develop merit based applications that cover all aspects of development including safety standards, security, business plans, staff training and even educational materials for patients.  We develop outreach plans and coordinate with local officials to ensure compliance with local laws and greater chances of approval.

Regulatory Compliance 

The amount of regulatory red tape around medical marijuana can be confusing and hard to understand.  VGR Law Firm can take the guesswork out of applying to open an MMJ business.  Our team of regulatory analysts and experts will ensure regulatory compliance from the inception of your business and throughout its development.  We can help develop standard operating procedures, auditing and inspection preparation.

Business Planning & Strategy

VGR Law Firm can help develop a strong business plan and comprehensive strategy that takes into effect local laws and also the changing legal landscape.  Whether you’re looking to start a cultivation facility, retail operation or infused product manufacturing company we can help develop an extensive business plan to ensure success.

Security & Monitoring

We have developed security and monitoring protocols for a variety of medical marijuana focused clients.  Let us assess the market, sales tracking, loss prevention strategies, workflow and efficiency of your operation.  Our goal is to make your business responsive to consumer demands and changing regulations while remaining safe and secure.

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