Medical Marijuana Lease Review

VGR Law Firm can complete a lease review for security responsibilities, conflicts with local laws and other property issues.

We will review your lease for a variety of issues including conflicts that can arise from medical marijuana cultivation, product manufacturing and retail operations.

VGR Law Firm considers a wide range of issues when reviewing a lease for a medical marijuana business. Whether you’re starting a retail location or a cultivation facility it is important to consider all possible scenarios. Compliance with state law is only the beginning. Understanding your lease expectations can mean success or failure for your cannabis business.

Where your business is based is where your business will succeed. With all the expense and labor that can goes into developing a commercial or industrial space into a business one does not want to be held up by lease technicalities. Whether it is smoking cannabis onsite, security obligations or understanding lease terms that might conflict between state and federal laws we can help.

Lease reviews for medical marijuana businesses ensure the mission of the organization succeeds. Cultivation presents a wide range of property issues as does retail sales. Lease agreements for medical marijuana need to consider both state and federal laws. They also need to consider smoking policies, security, parking and reasonable accommodation for medical marijuana patients. Don’t get caught with a lease dispute. We can help ensure you do not sign anything that puts your mission as a business in jeopardy.

Medical Marijuana Lease Review

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