Medical Marijuana Public Relations

VGR Law Firm provides clients with targeted, comprehensive, and experienced public relations help.

Building strong partnerships with the community, stakeholders, neighbors, regulators, local government officials, and the media is the key to running a world-class medical marijuana dispensary.

The most successful providers of medical marijuana have several things in common. They are transparent, mission-focused, patient centered, accessible, accountable ,and work hard to be part of the community.

Medical Marijuana Public Relations (MMPR) is a public relations firm devoted entirely to developing effective community relations and marketing campaigns for medical marijuana dispensaries and ancillary businesses.

MMPR founder Donna Rheaume is a public relations professional in Massachusetts with a strong public health background bringing her experience in journalism, public relations, and government to the nascent medical marijuana industry. She is a former Director of Communications for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Ms. Rheaume has worked with over half of the successful medical marijuana applicants in Massachusetts.

MMPR creates effective community-based marketing plans incorporating media relations, social media, and community events that reflect the client’s commitment to patient centered wellness through the use of medical marijuana.

In the medical marijuana business it is all about perception. For more information, please visit 617 307 4728