Medical Marijuana Municipal Zoning & Permit Assistance

VGR Law Firm can help obtain permits and comply with all local municipal zoning regulations.

Understanding municipal zoning regulations and the permitting process around retail, manufacturing and cultivation centers is the foundation to developing any medical marijuana business.

Obtaining a special permit to open a licensed medical marijuana facility is often the largest challenge a new business has to face. VGR Law Firm will analyze your mission as a business and the zoning restrictions and permitting process for a given location. Security concerns and permit restrictions play an important role in determining if the city or town is going to be a fit for an organization. Understanding the process and the goals of the organization can make a big difference in obtaining a special permit for a new medical cannabis business.

Every jurisdiction is different and poses unique challenges. VGR Law Firm has expertise in picking winning towns and locations to obtain permits. Municipal rules and regulations can often seem complex and run in opposition to state regulations. Whether you are a cultivation facility, product manufacturer or retail space the zoning can vary as well as security concerns. Let our firm help make solid decisions and approach the municipality with confidence.

Medical Marijuana Municipal Zoning and Permit Assistance

VGR Law Firm can help obtain dispensary permits and pass all municipal zoning restrictions. Call 617-307-4728. 617 307 4728