Patient, Caregiver and Cultivator Consulting

Are you a patient, caregiver, or cultivator?

VGR Law Firm consults patients, caregivers, and cultivators on a wide range of issues including compliance with local and state laws and best practices in specific localities. If you’re considering growing for yourself or another individual you should undertake that burden only after careful consideration of your local laws and legal jurisdiction.

Understand the law in your jurisdiction before growing your own marijuana;

Understand the law in your state about growing medical cannabis for another person;

Cultivation licensing and requirements can be stringent and should be understood before beginning any project;

We can help you understand your local laws and restrictions.

VGR Law Firm is experienced in the needs of patients, caregivers, and cultivation managers. Whether you’re trying to become a patient, grow your own, or grow for others there is a clear and precise legal framework that one must follow in order to remain compliant. Before beginning any marijuana cultivation project it is imperative to consult with legal experts and become aware of the various vendors needed to maintain a level of conformity with rules and regulations.

Patient Consulting

Becoming a medical marijuana patient poses significant challenges for individuals and their families. Having strong legal advice before becoming a patient can mean the difference between successfully treating an illness and having problems at work, home or school. VGR Law Firm can help ensure your safety and legality through the process. Prevent issues at work, school and with the law by consulting with us on laws in your local area as well as how becoming a patient may effect your normal life.

Caregiver Consulting

While often with the best intentions, growing for another individual presents legal challenges and problems which need to be prevented. Becoming a caregiver for someone who is sick or may have their immune system compromised involves legal risks that should not be taken on lightly. Local rules and state laws around caregiving must be followed at all times to ensure compliance and patient limits and grow restrictions are the start of the challenges faced by caregivers we can help with. Having strong legal support can be the difference between helping patients and hurting them.

Cultivation Consulting

Starting a cultivation project off with sound legal advice can mean the difference between a successful or failed operation. Everything from zoning to building size needs to be considered when planning a marijuana cultivation operation. Costly fines and legal fees can break small cultivation operations. VGR Law Firm will connect you with the vendors needed to ensure compliance and also provide a legal framework to work within and achieve success. Growing cannabis is hard enough. We can take the guesswork out of starting a legal and regulated marijuana cultivation facility.

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