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VGR Law Firm, LLC was founded on the principle that participation in the regulated cannabis industry is for everyone who wants it. The attorneys at VGR have represented some of the biggest multi-state operators in the United States, as well as the small licensees who simply enjoy cultivating cannabis and want to make a legal career out of it. For both, we have obtained great results.

It comes down to why any of us find our careers fulfilling. Of course, part of running a business focused law firm that obtains state and local licenses for cannabis operators is seeking financial success, for us at VGR, and for our clients. But success in the regulated cannabis industry should not only be available to those that already have many of the advantages.

Valerio Romano, founder of VGR Law Firm, started his legal career as a criminal defense attorney in California. From 2006 to 2010 many of Valerio’s clients were accused of cannabis related crimes. Sometimes Valerio succeeded in winning those cases on Fourth Amendment grounds, or the affirmative defense of participation in the medical cannabis industry. Sometimes there was no strong defense, and those people were convicted, and in some cases served lengthy federal prison sentences, just for growing cannabis.

We believe that the cannabis industry should be inclusive. Restorative Justice means something to us at VGR. Those that broke the law and paved the way for the regulated cannabis industry should not be left behind. Similarly, those that do not know anything about cannabis, but have achieved financial success elsewhere and now want to participate in this industry should have counsel who understand the market from all angles.

Please reach out to VGR Law Firm, schedule an appointment with Valerio or Matthew, and see how we can assist you. No matter what your background or experience level is in the regulated or unregulated markets, we will do everything we can to find you a place in this emerging industry.


Valerio was a co-author of the ballot initiative that ended cannabis prohibition in Massachusetts. Valerio’s clients were among the first twenty to be awarded state licenses for medical cannabis businesses in Massachusetts. In 2013 Valerio’s client was awarded the first local license in Massachusetts. VGR Law Firm takes the experience and knowledge of Valerio’s former partnership in a national firm and brings it to the market at affordable rates.

We work with individuals and companies through every stage of the process as they enter the market and seek licenses; with existing operators to stay compliant; with landlords who lease space to operators; with host communities that allow cannabis businesses, and with investors who look to participate in the industry.

Particularly on the municipal level, Valerio’s experience and success in cannabis licensing is unparalleled. Valerio is a land use and licensing lawyer in the cannabis space, admitted to practice in California and Massachusetts. He has worked with municipal officials and state regulators to open medical and adult-use dispensaries, product manufacturing facilities, and large-scale cultivation operations.

He is one of the few lawyers who know the difference between water cooling and mini-split systems for climate control, and who can still discuss financing options, host community agreements and regulatory requirements. Valerio’s background in cannabis dates to 1996 when California began its own medical program. He often participates in conventions for the awareness of the industry, in addition to guest lecturing at the New England School of Law.

Valerio recently left his partnership at a national law firm to start his own practice and is ready to help you grow your cannabis business.


Associate Attorney

Matthew is an Associate Attorney with VGR Law Firm where he focuses his practice on corporate and business law, intellectual property, licensing, and regulatory compliance. Prior to joining VGR, Mathew worked as an associate attorney with Vicente Sederberg. Matthew has also served as a fellow with Silicon Flatirons, a Boulder, Colorado-based nonprofit. There, he worked with the Denver Mayor’s Office to assist cannabis businesses with key regulatory compliance issues. His work also included creating a proactive education and marketing campaign for the cannabis industry. Matthew regularly participates in speaking engagements and educational seminars.

Matthew attended Suffolk University Law School, where he obtained his Juris Doctorate, and received his master’s degree, summa cum laude, from Sawyer Business School.


Staff Assistant

Isabella is a Staff Assistant at VGR Law Firm. Before starting at VGR, Isabella worked roles in multiple corporate legal offices, including MedExpress Urgent Care and March-Westin Company, Inc. where she gained experience in both the healthcare and construction industries.

Isabella is recent graduate of the University of South Carolina where she studied Finance and International Business and currently attends George Washington University in Washington D.C., where she is pursuing her master’s degree in International Economic Policy with a focus in Economic Development and is an associate editor at the International Affairs Review publication.